Setup Charge

Setup charge is only applied when you want imprint on the product.  It is due to the required setting of tools for imprinting art and use of a particular color.

Setup charge is a fixed charge regardless of quantity.  Whether you want 10 pcs or 10,000 pcs of an item, same setup charge will apply.  Therefore, depending on your promotional objectives, you should try to make the most out it.  It may be wiser to go for higher quantities of a promotional item, not only to take advantage of quantity discounts, but to minimize the setup charge per piece.  For instance, a $50 setup charge for 100 pcs yields to 50 cents per piece, however, for 1,000 pcs, it will be only 5 cents per piece.  In most cases, repeat orders will have discounted setup charge.

Setup charge may vary depending on the process and material of the product it is used on.  You shall find setup charge specified for each of our products. If you may have any further questions, please contact us.


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