Blinking, Flashing, Light Up

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Blinking Flashing FansBlinking Flashing Fans
Blinking Flashing Fans

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Blinking, Flashing, Message LED Fan

Light Up Fans, Custom Message LED Fans, USB light fans, Self-programmable fan, ...

$2.59 Blinking Flashing Fans
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Blinking, Flashing, Message LED Pen Fan

Great combination of Pen, Fan, and your Custom LED Message~


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Flashing Glowing Candle

Glowing candles in various lights with flickering effect; original, USB, ...

$1.49 Light Up Bracelet
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Blinking Flashing Bracelet --- NEW!

Add sass to your promotion with these attention getting flashing bracelets!

Blinking WandBlinking Wand
Blinking WandBlinking Wand
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Blinking, Flashing Wand

Original Wand, Spinner Wand, Logo Wand, Tri-Flash Wand, Rainbow Wand, ...

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Fiber Optic Wand

Patented Technology provides great giveaway with sparkling rainbow fiber optic effects.

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Glow Pendant NecklaceGlow NecklaceTear Drop Blinking Pendant Necklace
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Blinking Flashing Pendant, Necklace, Mardi Gras Necklace

Great for tradeshows, in various forms and shapes: Original, Tear Drop, Mardi Gras, Glow...


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Light Up Desktop Pendant --- NEW!

Add great affect to your promotion with these cool desktop pendants!

Color Morph CubeColor Morph Orb, SphereColor Morph Pyramid
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Color Morphing Gift

Color Morphing, exotic mesmerizing effect to promote your message ...

$3.19 Glitter LightGlitter Light
Glitter Light

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Glitter Light

Desktop, Key Chain Glitter Lights, USB Glitter lights, ... we carry them all.


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Cool Glow Ice Cube

Unique ice cubes turn an ultra bright glow of light when placed in liquid -- econo, gel, or mini cool glow ice cubes!

linking, Flashing Module Circuit 
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Flashing, Blinking Module Circuit 

We sell blinking modules and circuits, and can custom manufacture per your needs.


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Flashing, Blinking Tire Valve

Great blinking tire valves for all occasions and ages!





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